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Abaka Foundation Covid-19 Edition

Abaka Foundation

Abaka Foundation

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Aceveda Siblings | Violet, Justin and Jhewel

In amidst of the pandemic, we thought it would be more difficult because we wouldn’t have the first-hand experience that we would usually get; but as it turns out, we learned how to adapt to our environment from seeing each other in person to going on webex calls and it became easier for us to learn the filipino language, guitar, and bandurria because we’re still being taught, while staying socially distanced and safe staying at home. We also missed out on seeing our Abaka friends but we’re very happy to see them participate virtually.

Culver Siblings | Paul, Kevin, Maddie and Mikaela

The Culver kids attend their Abaka sessions online via Webex every Saturday afternoon while the stay-at-home orders are at play during the COVID 19 pandemic since March of 2020. They continue learning to play Filipino folk songs such as Leron-leron Sinta, Sitsiritsit and Paru-parong Bukid individually and as a group while at home. During their online sessions, they get to see their Abaka classmates and play their bandurias and guitar to showcase their skills. Their teacher Marcy also continues to teach them about the Filipino language and folk songs, instilling in them the love of the Filipino Culture.

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