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Welcome back to F Magazine!

It’s been a while since we last published Fmagazine and we surely missed out on the fun of sharing stories you tell us. So once again, we will try to do this despite the challenges of our daily lives in this Covid-era period because we love sharing your stories and we want to continue serving our communities.

Although it’s ironic to celebrate Fmagazine’s comeback amidst a potentially deadly virus that invaded our nation, we are acknowledging the fact that life nowadays is more complicated by mask, hand hygiene, disinfectant, and social distancing protocols that were put in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. More and more of our tasks are being done virtually hence, we are relaunching Fmagazine online and you can continue following us on our Fmagazine page on Facebook, FmagazineAZ on Instagram, and My Fmagazine on YouTube.

The reality is —it is our new normal ….And it sucks. But there are so many realizations that this new normal in the covid-era brought to one’s life. Whether it’s positive or negative, we all learned to adopt to this life-changing events and went back to some of the basics that we temporarily lost in corporate America…We regressed momentarily but we continue to cope and find ways to enjoy simpler things in life…. And most of them are free. What’s normal about the new normal is that we already went through so many difficult times in the past and that we have something to benchmark our experiences with as we write our own history.

We are grateful to have the mayor of Tempe, Corey Woods talk about his covid journey as well as Ryan Arguillo who is the the first Fil-Am Covid-19 positive in Arizona. This online issue is not possible without the help of creative team headed by Ihman Esturco, Marcy Goma, Ryan Christopher Dela Cruz, Jai Esturco, Arnold Argano, and Jamal Mansur. Be safe and healthy. Fleurish. Happy reading!

Fleur Magbanua | MSN, RN, WC

Publisher | Chief Editor

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