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F Magazine introduces John Gabriel - the singer of the upcoming hit song O Pilipina!

Aspiring singer John Gabriel just released his debut single entitled O Pilipina in various digital musical platforms.

John, who just turned 20 last September 8, had been into music since he was young but his genre was hip-hop. He took pains to learn hip-hop and be good at it. But he never joined singing contests when he was still young although his love for music is intense.

He is happy and overwhelmed to release his first single titled O Pilipina and to be managed by famed manager Daddie Wowie Roxas.

“I am happy that Daddie Wowie has taken me under his wings and has given me the break. In return, I am doing my best to prove to him that I am worthy of the opportunity he has given me. I want to be known in the showbiz industry as a great singer and actor as well. But I still want to sing hip-hop. I know I have to strive harder before I can achieve my goal but I believe that time and patience is the key to success,” said John.

The singer, who described himself as a loving, caring and sweet person, said his entry in showbiz is just right. He sent his picture to Daddie Wowie six years ago but the manager ignored him. But November of last year, it was Daddie Wowie who sought him out after seeing his pictures as a young man. And John considers himself fortunate that Daddie Wowie welcomed him.

“I am so grateful to him that’s why I am giving my best in everything that he asks me to do, no matter how hard the task may be in this time that there is a lockdown. I want to prove to Daddie Wowie that I am worth it. I am still here and striving to be the best that I can be.”

John said he is ready for the merry but topsy-turvy world of showbiz.

“It’s been my dream to be in showbiz and I won’t stop until I reach the top and fulfill my dream,” said John who is also in the movie My First and Forever under Heaven’s Best Entertainment featuring Rita Daniella and Ken Chan. “Things happened so fast and I hope more breaks will come my way. I believe in destiny. If it’s meant to be, it will happen.”

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