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Ryan Arguillo

Ryan Arguillo

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RYAN ARGUILLO, the first reported positive case of COVID in the Filipino-American community in AZ breaks the novel Coronavirus stigma with a message of hope, fortitude and faith in these challenging times.

F Magazine: Good morning, Ryan.

Ryan Arguillo: Good morning, nice meeting

F Magazine: How are you feeling right now?

Ryan Arguillo: I’m doing well. The present times are interesting because we operate differently from the way we used to be. Many business establishments and public places are on shutdown mode here in AZ because of the potential risks of the Coronavirus. We also need to wear face masks on public places as this is mandatory as a preventive measure of the virus. We are not able to dine in public places the way we used to be. We are not able to go to Sunday church services, perform live music with our usual schedule or go to schools the way we do. Nevertheless, I’m back to my normal physical activities and condition for a few months now since i got the virus last march.

F Magazine: Glad to hear that, Ryan. Can you give us a timeline and detailed account of what happened when you got Covid last March?

Ryan Arguillo: I believe i got the virus when I attended a birthday party last March 8, as a couple of people in the party contracted the virus.

I experienced the first symptoms on March 11. I remember experiencing severe body ache, chills at night and mild fever. In my case, I can say that it is worse than the typical flu. Then on March 15, I noticed I’m not getting any better, so my mom advised me to go to the Emergency Department of Mayo Clinic. In the ER, they initially diagnosed me to have a regular flu but they took a swab test and advised me to go home and rest. The next day (May 16), Mayo Clinic called and confirmed that I’m positive of Covid.

F Magazine: What was your first reaction upon getting the update that you have the Coronavirus?

Ryan Arguillo: I remember being scared for my life. I was in a panic mode but after a while, I figured out that I need to have an action plan for myself and my family. At that the time and even now, I’m not certain if there is a defined medicine or treatment for the virus. The doctor on the phone advised me to isolate immediately and take a lot of rest and hydrate which I did. The same day, my wife went to the ER to get a swab test and the next day she was also confirmed to be positive of Covid. When I got the news that I got the virus, me and my wife isolated ourselves from our kids. We have relatives and close friends who helped us and also take care of the kids while me and my wife are in quarantine as we are advised to stay in our room. Our relatives would always sanitize our house and would give us food when we were on quarantine for 14 days.

F Magazine: What did you do when you were in quarantine?

Ryan Arguillo: We just took a lot of rest. I prayed a lot. I took a lot of vitamins to strengthen my immune system. I remember struggling with a severe cough, but i did not have a shortness of breath that would make me go back to the ER. One relative of mine advised me to inhale steam from boiling water with salt which I did regularly. Thankfully, after 5 days my severe cough was healed and I’m able to breath better. Moreover, at that point, I remember that my mild fever and body aches were already gone. After 14 days of quarantine, I was already feeling a lot better and I’m back to my normal condition. I can do the daily activities and get back to working from home. Mayo clinic did several tests after the quarantine period and on April 14, I finally got an update that I’m already negative from Covid and at time, I just thanked God for helping me survive Covid.

F Magazine: I’m very glad to hear that. So, what happened after your quarantine and getting out of Covid?

Ryan Arguillo: The first thing I did was just to spend the whole time with my kids. I miss them so much, We still stayed in the house for most of the time except when I needed to buy food from the Grocery stores. As what I count these blessings every day.

F Magazine: What is your biggest fear and realization with your Covid Journey?

Ryan Arguillo: My biggest fear is losing my family. I put all my fears behind and fought the virus for my family. I put all my faith in God and just prayed for healing. However, even though I was so down during the time that I got the virus, I also feel that this is an answered prayer.

I was already praying before Covid happened for me to have a time wherein I can reflect and formulate my future plans for me and my family since I got so busy with work and weekend commitments and quarantine time gave me that time for reflection.

F Magazine: Did you feel any stigma as part of getting the virus?

Ryan Arguillo: To be honest, I didn’t feel any disgrace or discrimination during my Covid journey. I would say though that there are people who are curious and concerned about what’s happening to me or with Covid in general and I understand that I feel that people in general are afraid to get the virus and absolutely understand that as well. I have been very transparent about abiding with quarantine and isolation, contract tracing and even providing updates with my test results. I fell that i need to let the Filipino-American community know these details because I want also to give them hope that people can survive the virus. If anyone feels any symptoms, I would advise them to get tested to seek medical attention help as soon as possible so this gets addressed immediately and also would prevent spreading the virus.

F MAGAZINE: What are your next plans from here? What are your hopes given the current Covid situation?

Ryan Arguillo: My next plan would be to continue working from home, appreciate the simple things in life and time that I spend with my family. work on original music while I treat this virus seriously and protect themselves and their families as this is a serious infectious disease.

On the other hand, I would like to spread a message of hope as we ha a significant percentage of people recovering from the virus. Let’s strengthen our immune system as much as we can. As I’m born optimistic, I also hope of significantly lessened going forward by following the rules and hopefully get a definite cure, immunity or vaccine as soon as possible so that we can all get back on track with our plans and goals.

F MAGAZINE: If you would describe your Covid Journey in a song? What would it be?

Ryan Arguillo: It would be ‘Gaya ng Dati’ by one of my inspirations, Mr. Gary Valenciano, Covid gave me a time to reflect and appreciate the simple things in life and to always be thankful with all the blessings I have. I realized that we are not in control.God truly is.

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  • Felicitations Fleur Magbanua and the whole staff of MyFMagazine. Wish you and all your initiatives an overflowing grace. Be blessed and be a blessing to others. You and your co-host Jovie compliments. Stay healthy and beautiful inside out! Warmest regards from Switzerland 🇨🇭 🥂❤️


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